What’s Life Like Without Plumbing Systems?

By Danika | December 29, 2017

What’s Life Like Without Plumbing Systems?

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What’s life like without plumbing? If you take a few minutes to contemplate this question and try to derive an answer, it’s actually quite difficult to imagine our life without plumbing systems. We use plumbing for so many different and significant purposes. Such system is used to direct water to our homes for our kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, and other areas. Plumbing is also significant in the functionality of the central heating systems in our homes. And let’s not forget how plumbing helps keep our homes clean and fresh, including our own selves. Just imagine a day when you discover that your toilet is not working and require the services of a plumber in Bothell, WA.

One of the worst problems a house can have is anything that has to do with the plumbing system. So many parts of our lives depend on the functionality of our water pipes, and sometimes we just forget how significant these truly are to our daily routines. So what actually happens if we don’t have proper plumbing?

First of all, the only way we have clean water that directly flows into our homes is through the plumbing lines. So imagine needing to get water from a tank or a ground source every morning. Imagine needing to have water delivered to your tank every week to sustain your needs to clean your homes and for your personal use in bathing and washing. Without a proper plumbing system, you will not easily have access to water whenever you need to use the bathroom, take a shower, wash your dishes, or do the laundry. A life without plumbing means that you will have to be capable of carrying water in buckets in and out of your home every day. Your daily time consumption for cleaning will take a lot longer as there won’t be free-flowing water in your home but a limited supply that takes up a lot of your energy and time just to get a bucket of precious water.

If you are one person who takes so much time preparing yourself for school or work, then having to fetch water from a well or other water source will easily double the time it takes for you to complete your daily routine. For instance, you first need to prepare the water you require by carrying it into your home and heating it up before you can actually shower. When it comes to washing your dishes and doing the laundry, these tasks become twice as hard without easy access to clean water. You will also have to learn to work with a limited supply of it when washing your laundry and your dishes.

The plumbing in your home is also a significant and valuable system that helps with sanitation in every home and building. One of its main purposes is not only to bring clean water into our homes but also to remove waste and sewage from the inside. So let’s first imagine our kitchens without plumbing. How would you dispose of the dirty water you have used after washing your dishes? Maybe a system where we have a bucket for the clean water, and a bucket for the dirty water (which we have to dispose of afterwards). It makes cleaning take so much longer because we need to figure out a way to dispose of the dirty water.

Now try to imagine taking a bath without a drain to lead the water out of the room. More so, imagine using the toilet without a proper plumbing system! While this has been the case decades ago and still in some impoverished parts of the globe, the question is, “Will you be able to live with it?”

It’s really quite unimaginable to think about what life is like without the plumbing systems we have today. A huge part of our lives depends on the functional plumbing systems we have in our homes, in our offices and in every building we step foot in every day. This makes you appreciate even more the services provided by your local plumber in Edmonds, WA.

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