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Slow drains and recurring clogs are frustrating housemates to live with-in any home. Not only can they cause inconvenience, but if left unaddressed, they may contaminate your home’s water supply. A lot of homeowners rely on hydro jetting in Lynnwood, WA, to fix these problems.

What is hydro jetting?

This non-invasive drain cleaning method uses high-pressure water to clear away built-up debris and sludge from your drains. This powerful stream of water can also break up stubborn clogs, allowing your drains to flow freely again. It is a safe and effective way to clean your drains and is used on all types of pipes, including sewer lines. This method is often used for clogs that are stubborn or recurring.

If you’re tired of dealing with slow drains and clogs, we recommend scheduling hydro jetting services with our experienced plumbers. We’ll clear away all the built-up debris and sludge in your drains, leaving them flowing freely again.

How hydro jetting works

Our trained professionals will insert a high-pressure hose into your drain. A specialized nozzle is attached to a hose, and the hose is connected to a water pump. The water pump creates pressure that forces the water through the hose and out of the nozzle at a very high speed. When the water hits the clog or debris in your drain, it breaks it up and washes it away.


Hydro jetting is an incredibly effective drain cleaning method, and it can even be used to prevent future clogs. The high-pressure stream of water not only clears away existing debris but also scours the sides of your pipes, removing any build-up that could cause a clog in the future. This method is safe for all types of pipes (that are structurally sound) and can be used as often as needed to keep your drains flowing freely.


Apart from breaking up clogs and removing debris, hydro jetting also has other benefits:


  • It kills bacteria and other organisms in your drains
  • It removes grease and oil build-up
  • It cleans your drains and pipe walls, preventing future clogs
  • It improves the flow of water through your drains
  • It can reach areas that other methods cannot
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The Risks of Hydro Jetting Services

Don’t trust Hydro jetting to a novice plumber. A thorough assessment needs to be done before beginning work on your pipes. If your pipes are old or damaged, hydro jetting may not be able to help. Additionally, if the hydro jetting nozzle isn’t inserted properly, it could damage your pipes. That’s why it’s always best to leave hydro jetting services to professionals.


You can rest assured that our experienced plumbers at Danika will provide the highest quality hydro jetting services, time and time again. We always complete an assessment of your drains to determine if hydro jetting is the best course of action. If it is, we’ll use the proper techniques to ensure that your drains are cleaned effectively. We’ll also know how to take care to avoid damaging your pipes so that you can enjoy long-lasting results.

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Trust Us With Your Drain Cleaning Needs

If you’re dealing with clogged or slow drains, our veteran plumbers can help. We offer hydro jetting services in Lynnwood to clear away all the built-up debris and sludge in your drains. This non-toxic, environmentally friendly drain cleaning method is safe for all types of pipes and is incredibly effective at breaking up stubborn clogs. 

Schedule a drain cleaning service today, and we’ll have your drains flowing freely again in no time.

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