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Get the best drain cleaning Everett offers!

Are you noticing a build up of water at your feet when you shower?

Does the bathroom sink start to fill up when you wash your hands or brush your teeth? Your drains are clogged-especially if you’re noticing a foul stench coming from any of the drains that carry water out of your home. Call Danika clear your drains and your get your plumbing running smoothly again .

Danika Plumbing is your premiere plumbing company when it comes to drain cleaning services. We’ve cleared mountains of gunk and built up sludge from thousands of homes in the Everett WA area.

Call us when you need fast service at an affordable price.

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Don’t let clogged drains get worse

Faulty drainage, leaks, and other problems with your home’s sewage system can cause serious problems like flooding, mold growth, contamination. In serious cases, this can cause damage to your home’s flooring and potentially your belongings too. 

Don’t ignore your plumbing problems, and risk sewage backup coming into your home. Call the Everett drain cleaning experts at Danika Plumbing instead. We’re proud to be a locally owned and operated plumbing company in Everett that specializes in drain cleaning.

We’ll help you get a handle on all of your plumbing issues. You can have an Everett plumber to your door in a matter of minutes if it’s an emergency. We provide you with:

Innovative Drain Clearing Services in Everett WA

In most cases, slow drains or water backup can be fixed through non-invasive methods. Our innovative sewer scope cameras and drain cleaning equipment will quickly get to the source of the problem so we can get everything flowing again.

If your home requires more extensive sewer repair, we’ll take the time to do it right. No matter how big or small your drainage or sewage problems are, you can count on us to fix them, all with our signature reliability and friendly customer service!

Give us a call for:

  • Clogged bathroom sinks
  • Backed up kitchen sinks
  • Slow draining showers and bathtubs
  • Drain cleaning
  • Sewer repair
Sink and faucet for drain cleaning services
Piping and drains under the sink

Common reasons for
clogged bathroom drain pipes

There are no secrets when it comes to figuring out why your drain pipe is clogged. Every day skin, dirt, and hair gets sent through your bathroom drains. Mix this all with soap and a lot of the scum and dirt will bind to the pipes. The accumulation of this filth and grime builds up on your pipes and reduces the amount of water that can get through.

Beware of compromised pipes

There are of course more serious complications that can clog your drain. The roots of trees are known to infiltrate pipes. This can cause more serious damage and you will need more than drain cleaning to fix the issue.

Depending on the type of pipes you have and when they were installed you may need your pipes replaced. Old, cracked or rusted pipes can also cause drainage issues. This is not a job for anyone less than a professional.

bathroom sink drain
using the sink washing veggies

What clogs kitchen drains?

Your kitchen sink is no different, however, there are a lot more organic elements being sent down your drain. One of the major culprits that clog the kitchen drain is grease. This can be directly from frying or even just be a long-term build-up that gradually blocks your pipes.

Plumber Repairing Kitchen Sink and cleaning drains

Tips for clogged drains

Avoid pouring harsh chemicals down your drains. The truth is they will lead to more damage in the long run. Use natural cleaners if you’re going to attempt cleaning your drains yourself.

Call Danika Plumbing when you want the job done quickly and efficiently.

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