Can You Use Drain Cleaners In A Toilet?

draining drain cleaner

Yes, you can use drain cleaner in a toilet. The problem you should know about is that if you use chemical drain cleaners, you will be destroying your pipes along with the pesky clog you’re trying to dissolve. It’s better to use a natural enzyme drain cleaner if the clog isn’t too difficult to dissolve. […]

Home Renovation Plumbing: 7 Ways To Save

Plumbing works are costly, especially when a significant remodeling project requires hiring a professional plumbing contractor. A professional plumber is a valuable asset who can oversee and fix any issues that could arise in a home renovation plumbing project. However, the price should not get in the way of remodeling the plumbing system and doesn’t […]

Questions to Ask Your Plumber After Repair

After having your plumbing repaired, it is always a good feeling to know that the job is done, and done right!! As wonderful as it is having something fixed, it is also important to keep close contact with your plumber just in case something else happens. Don’t say goodbye to him just yet-there are questions […]

A Guide in Looking for the Right Plumber for You

Looking for a plumber in Bothell, WA is a decision that should not be taken lightly, most especially because a stranger will be entering your property. While it is much easier to find one today with the help of the internet, there are still tons of options that will pop on your screen. It will […]

Awkwardly Hilarious Plumbing Facts

The subject of Mill Creek plumbing is not exactly a promising topic to start an interesting conversation with. But do not under estimate the fun side of plumbing. It is difficult to imagine that there is actually a few funny facts about it that you may not be aware of, but can actually be a […]

Sewer Repair Myths

Learn about us and our legendary sewer repair

Whenever homeowners reach out to us for their sewer repair in Everett, our team often helps them understand how their plumbing system works. Many of them are surprised to hear that their garbage disposals are not all sharp or that their water heater will not explode. As resilient as we think our pipes and drains are, it nonetheless requires the services of professional plumbers. We are here to debunk some of the myths that are often spread around. These myths can end up costing homeowners tons of money on repairs, so we want to try and attempt to clarify and put them to rest.

What’s Life Like Without Plumbing Systems?

What’s life like without plumbing? If you take a few minutes to contemplate this question and try to derive an answer, it’s actually quite difficult to imagine our life without plumbing systems. We use plumbing for so many different and significant purposes. Such system is used to direct water to our homes for our kitchens, […]

Choosing a Plumbing Company is about Three Things

Being a homeowner, there are several responsibilities you need to take care of to ensure that your home is always at its best. And one of these is plumbing maintenance. As mentioned in our previous blog, What’s Life Like Without Plumbing Systems?, plumbing system just makes life a lot easier and more convenient. So, if […]