Can You Use Drain Cleaners In A Toilet?

By Danika | November 22, 2021

Can You Use Drain Cleaners In A Toilet?

draining drain cleaner

Yes, you can use drain cleaner in a toilet. The problem you should know about is that if you use chemical drain cleaners, you will be destroying your pipes along with the pesky clog you’re trying to dissolve. It’s better to use a natural enzyme drain cleaner if the clog isn’t too difficult to dissolve.

drain cleaner corrosion

They usually advertise drain cleaners as “clog pushers.” This idea is not precisely accurate. This cleaning fluid is a corrosive substance, which can disintegrate clogs rather than push them. Liquid drain products don’t just dissolve clogs, but they also dissolve metal pipes, fixtures, and even clothing. Due to the strong chemicals present, it can weaken pipes and damage fixtures.

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In addition, it can cause some severe health issues such as blindness if it comes in contact with your eyes. Another product people might have told you to use hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid. This chemical is a dangerous product. The vapors are incredibly harmful, so it’s necessary to wear a respirator when using this chemical. It can also cause severe burns and blindness if it comes into contact with your skin and eyes. For safety reasons, we strongly suggest you do not use this product.

eye injury

It’s not to say that every drain cleaner is not worth using. Let’s start by giving drain cleaners the benefit of the doubt and discuss their pros and cons further. At the end of this article, you can make an informed decision on whether or not to call a professional plumbing company or use a drain cleaner in the toilet or sink is a good idea or not.

Pros of using drain cleaner in a toilet or sink

Easy to Use

Unlike cabling or hydro jetting, chemical drain cleaners don’t require any special skills or training; you can easily open the bottle and swiftly pour it down the drain. It will remove clogs quickly. You can remove most clogs in ten to fifteen minutes by using chemical drain cleaners.

Inexpensive and Convenient

You can typically buy a bottle of drain cleaner for around $10, which is a tiny percentage of what it can cost if you hire a plumber to fix your plumbing clog issues. Drain cleaners also work well on clogs made out of hair, food, or even grease. Tub and shower drain usually get clogged with hair and kitchen sinks without garbage disposals can quickly be blocked with food and oil build-up.

drain clogged by oil buildup mixed with other stuff

The cons of using drain cleaner

It can’t clear all types of clogs

While drain cleaners work efficiently on food or hair clogs, some chemical drain cleaners can’t clear out solid objects or mineral deposit build-up. So if you feel like the clog on your drains is more than the usual hair or food blockage, contact your plumber as soon as possible for assistance. Make sure you have your plumbing systems installed with steel-insulated gasketed access doors, so your plumbers will have a hassle-free inspection, repair, or maintenance on your plumbings.

2. Ineffective for toilets

If your toilet is clogged, then purchasing chemical drain cleaners may be an impractical choice. Drain cleaners are heavier than water; thus, the compound will tend to sit at the bottom of the toilet bowl and will not travel up over the siphon curve to the clog.

3. Toxic fumes and chemical burns

Chemical drain cleaners fix clogs by initiating a chemical reaction, thus dissolving the clog’s content. The chemical reaction can also respond to your eyes and skin if it accidentally touches your body. It also gives off potent fumes that can be hazardous, especially in an enclosed area.

4. Usually contains pollutants

You might have to read the ingredient list on the back due to unclear labels of pollutants in front of the bottle. If you notice your main sewer line leaking, the contaminants and chemicals can enter the soil and contaminate the groundwater.

5. Can damage your plumbing pipes

The chemical reaction created by the drain cleaner that breaks up the clogs also gives off heat. This instance can soften PVC pipes and eventually corrode older piping. If you notice corrosion present on your pipes, the chemicals can cause more damages that will cost you more on repairs.

6. Repeated usage can cause more clogs

Continuous usage of chemical drain cleaners can leave a residue on your pipes. These residues can build up over time, similar to grease, thus resulting in more pesky clogs, which will damage your pipes and cost you more on repairs.

It is much more practical to prevent clog drains than figure out how to fix them regularly. Here are ways you avoid clogs in your gutters:

Tips to avoid clogs in your gutters

Use a strainer over your drains.

A drain strainer traps hair, large soap pieces, and food items to prevent them from going down the drain. Throw away the unnecessary items collected by the filter. You can purchase a drain strainer at any home improvement store. This trick could save you the cost of repairs later.

Try Using Natural Enzyme Drain Cleaners

Enzymes are healthy bacteria that spread through your drain system, and while they do not remove clogs, they can certainly prevent a clog from building up.

Use Pliers to Remove Hairs From Your Drains

This hack should only take a few minutes if you do this process regularly. Insert needle-nosed pliers into your drain and remove whatever hair you can reach. This small step can reduce the chances of hair build-up in your gutters.

Beware of the dangers of liquid chemical drain cleaners

Be. aware of the pros and cons of using a chemical drain cleaner. It’s essential to prevent any unwanted situations that can worsen the condition of your plumbing and harm your health. When severe damages are present in your pipes, be sure to contact Danika, your first choice for sewer repair and drain cleaning, to prevent injuries or further damage that will cost you more in the long run.

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