Awkwardly Hilarious Plumbing Facts

By Frank Gaborik | May 29, 2018

Awkwardly Hilarious Plumbing Facts

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The subject of Mill Creek plumbing is not exactly a promising topic to start an interesting conversation with. But do not under estimate the fun side of plumbing. It is difficult to imagine that there is actually a few funny facts about it that you may not be aware of, but can actually be a great addition to your list of ultimate facts in life. Besides, who does not love sharing a few fun facts, most especially those that make something so bland, become quite an interesting subject?

1. Nipples are very important in plumbing.

All plumbers must be well equipped and skilled to handle the nipple. And no, we are not talking about the nipple in biology class. A piece of a short length pipe that is used to connect couplings or other fittings is called the nipple. Plumbers commonly use it for piping. Now that is a fun way to start a conversation during a Mill Creek plumbing repair session. People will surely double take once they hear this nipples and plumbers thing.

2. The toilet is a gadget lover’s throne.

It is a really interesting fact that 75% of people use their mobile phones while sitting on the toilet. Gone are the days when magazines and newspapers are grabbed first as a form of entertainment in the bathroom. People often play games, browse online, and check their social media accounts, among others. Now, let us try and avoid any accidental live feed on Facebook while we get down and dirty with our bathroom business.

3. More people crumple their toilet papers.

Research shows that only 40% of people fold their toilet paper before they use it while the rest prefer to crumple it. Now the real question is, which method is most effective. But with the higher percentage of crumpling, maybe that is the better technique for proper bathroom hygiene. However, keep in mind that you should only throw the tissue, regardless of being crumpled or folded, in the bin. Never throw it in the toilet because it may clog the pipes and may need an instant sewer repair in Everett.

4. Leaving the toilet seat up is dangerous.

Most of injuries experienced in the bathroom occurs when someone accidentally falls into the toilet because the seat is left up. To ensure everyone’s safety, keep the lid down and avoid extremely painful (and gross) bathroom injuries.

5. Not everyone uses toilet paper.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone uses toilet paper for their toilet needs. In fact, around 75% of people in the world still do not use toilet paper when they use the toilet. Maybe toilet papers are expensive to buy or these people just prefer to wash than to wipe themselves clean.

Who ever knew that plumbing could actually be a fun subject to discuss? These are just some facts about plumbing and other related stuff to make you laugh. Here at Danika Plumbing, we understand that any plumbing issue are no fun at all. But with our expertise, no plumbing work is too big or too small for us to handle. Call us now at 425-335-3515!

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