Plumbing Preparation for Earthquakes in Seattle

plumbing tips to prepare for earthquakes

Earthquakes are unpredictable and often destructive; when one hits hard, the damage to your plumbing can be devastating. Earthquakes shake and jolt the pipes, making them susceptible to breakage. This can cause extensive water damage and flooding in your home. If you live in the Seattle area, you need to brush up on your earthquake […]

How Long Does it Take to Replace a Water Heater in Snohomish County?

time it takes for water heater replacement

Generally, it takes around two to three hours to replace a water heater in Snohomish County, King County, or anywhere for that matter. This includes disconnecting the gas and water lines, draining the old tank, removing the old unit, installing the new unit, and reconnecting the gas and water lines. Of course, the time it […]

Gas vs. Electric Water Heaters: An in-depth Comparison for Everett Residents

a comparison between gas and electric water heaters

A home without hot water is a nightmare. It’s uncomfortable. It’s inconvenient. And it can be downright dangerous if the water is too cold to shower in or bathe a sick child in, for instance. With that comes the need for water heating solutions: solutions that will heat water to a safe, comfortable temperature. But […]

8 Reasons a Tankless Water Heater Goes Cold After A Few Minutes

new Rheem tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters are both convenient and efficient, but they can begin to function erratically from time to time. They are designed to run constantly, supplying a constant flow of hot water. However, like any other electric appliance, it is susceptible to damage. There are a few different reasons why your tankless water heater goes […]

How to Drain the Plumbing System In Your Home

learn to drain the pipes in the plumbing system before repairs or upgrade

A plumbing system consists of a series of pipes and fittings that, when assembled, convey one or more fluids from one point to another. The systems include built-in water supply and drainage systems within the building and its grounds, as well as those primarily used outside the building. Drainage is usually achieved by gravity via […]

How to Service a Tankless Hot Water Heater In Snohomish County

tankless hot water heater maintenance

Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular in Snohomish County as people learn of this technology and how it can save them money. Learn how to service a tankless hot water heater to extend the life of your unit. Flush your unit once a year can stop corrosion and leaks from claiming your tankless hot […]

How to Design A French Drain System

french drain system diagram

French drains or perforated pipe drain systems are designed to remove water from low areas in a yard. A French drain is easily installed by digging a trench and placing pipes in the trench. They are good for removing surface water and preventing groundwater from traveling by gravity closer to homes. Many people make mistakes […]

Summer Plumbing Tips in Everett WA

tips for plumbing in the summer

When it comes to summer’s many challenges, plumbing issues seem like one of the least of your worries. However, it’s important to know the best ways to keep your plumbing system in good shape and prevent problems. When done correctly, summer plumbing maintenance can also save you money and keep your house safe and comfortable. […]

How To Detect Root Intrusion In Sewer Line

how to tell if you have roots in your pipes

One of the most catastrophic failures you can have with your sewer line is to have a root intrusion. Root intrusion can lead to the line backing up, flooding your property, and causing damage to your home and belongings. This is very common in older homes with clay sewer lines, but it can happen in […]

What’s the Best Temperature for a Tankless Water Heater?

temperature setting on water heater

If you’ve recently acquired a new tankless water heater you may not be as familiar with them as the older traditional tank heaters. Is there a major difference between the standard tank and tankless water heaters? If so, what’s the best temperature for a tankless water heater? Before we get into the details on why […]